Yes, people still have to be able to speak.

We are an education multimedia company that creates musical content that improves speech communication and understanding. We provide business and individuals with specialized speech and language training, using our ‘VoiceSync’ and ConversationSpace interactive speech content and applications. Executive speech coaching via Skype is offered for registered members.

Conversation arts for the digital age

As people everywhere now commonly record many experiences on video, and talk to their cars, we are seeing that they are primed to learn in audio-video and interactive speech formats. This is a tipping point, where speech technologies can cross into more popular cultural, musical and edu-tainment apps.

  • Application users are more international now than ever before, speaking several major languages, but with speaking English well as a common aspiration. Technology can impact the communications of speakers of English, the language of popular culture and commerce. phrases for improved communication
  • Mobile phones can run apps built for adults or children with a mashup of APIs from a variety of vendors, who make it easy and affordable to leverage their own code bases in exchange for access to users.
  • Listening to music on earphones is so prevalent in some places that user’s primary audio channel focus is electronic not ambient.
  • English Captioning for television programs: on or available for many/most shows now.
  • Captioning for multiple languages available for many television programs now.
  • Cars now have user-friendly-enough voice recognition systems for simple functions and a population of several million users.
  • Phones now have simple but user-friendly-enough voice recognition systems for simple functions, with a population of several million users.
  • Existing electronic dictionaries and phrase translators are in limited use in specialized areas such as military, medical and translation services.
  • Educational research on language and reading development finds speech acquisition and competence to be primary.

We have a world that is immersed in interactive, electronic content, and is already talking through computers. So the training of speech and language through video and animated content follows these trends.


Everyone who wants to speak English with confidence!

  • English speakers can improve their ability to formulate thoughts into speech content.
  • English speakers can improve their ability to use natural speech skills to communicate interactively in English conversations.
  • English speakers can improve pronunciation of English speech sounds. This will also improve the performance of speech recognizer system and other 'interactive pals.'

Interactive Technologies

The key technology is a Conversation Engine that elicits user’s active speech responses. In responding, the user is seeing, hearing, saying and reading the phrases all at once. Dialogs are formed based on the user’s replies, creating unique conversations. The system incorporates speech repetition now, with the option of including API’s for functional recognition of users’ replies. The applications show the models talking and singing, slow enough to follow along. Students can follow the visual cues in the mouth display windows to improve articulation.

Music and Speech

Speech is movement, acquired and developed through imitation and repetition. Speech has its own rhythm, a natural cadence. Think of chants or lyrics in a song. In natural speech, pitch changes correspond to the meaning, loudness goes up and down for emphasis, and variations in tempo show emotion. So talking a lot like singing. Users of our content will learn to move the mouth to hit the phonemes, and to speak American English with the right voice, pitch and tone.

Space Dictionary

Members can access our video library of English phrases, spoken by models using natural intonation and precise pronunciation, with a visual focus on the mouth and face. The phrases can be sequenced into conversations of various types. Phrases are tagged with personality type and functional references so you know where the speaker is ‘coming from.’

User Management

Conversation Space creates a profile based on your menu selections, and offers appropriate speech practice spaces. Personal speech evaluations are available. Interactions with community members is in place.

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