Dedicated to the spoken word

CS can become the place for the spoken word in English on the Web, a video library of phrases in context, spoken by models, demonstrating clear articulation with correct pronunciation and voicing. Interactive video provides the key to a new approach to good speech development.

The market is certainly large, corresponding to the worldwide explosion of telephone speech. It is a problem that some people’s phone speech is really hard to understand. They present a voice impression to the listener that is less than favorable. Because of difficulties of learning and speaking English, regional speech differences, local dialects, made worse by audio problems, telephone speakers need help!

Exercise of the speaking experience is the reason for the spaces. Think of it like speech aerobics . Speaking in sync with the models provides the practice.
Once the basic mechanics of speech and the content of the phrases are learned, attention can be paid to speech tone, style, pacing, and pitch. Their “voice impression” will be greatly enhanced, and of course their speech will be even more effective in person.

CS will provide content and delivery modes proven by research to solve almost all speech and language problems. We also have the expertise to analyze the speech and offer prescriptive conversational content to remediate individual speech deficiencies. These are personal services to be offered by subscription.

CS can have appeal, penetration, and success in several sub markets, with the segment success rate to be explored.

Conversation Space Business Overview

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