Contemporary multisensory experiences of speech

Speech communication layers - spoken words, imagery and music - are created and exchanged on web and mobile interfaces. Experiences can be saved for private viewing, or shared. Every human sense has a part to play in communication, so every layer in our communication space appeals to the senses: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Layers presented in a dynamic and immersive way, including models - or the current user - speaking the phrases, along with user-selected imagery, text, linguistic rhythm, and music.

Option for user voice responses to be recognized, creating new contexts. Content is communicatively relevant, and fun! Speaking ability, reading, and singing are all strengthened with voice interactivity. Active use of spoken words in context is visualized with speech mechanics. Speech presentation and user recognition techniques overcome speech recognition inconsistencies.

Applications in development:

Affirmation Space

immerse in just the words you want to hear user selects or creates spoken phrases with layers including faces, fonts, imagery, and melody. "I'm proud of myself!" AffirmationSpace saves it, plays It!

Admiration Space

immerse in admiration User selects or creates spoken phrases expressing admiration, with layers including faces, fonts, imagery, and melody. "You look amazing tonight!" AdmirationSpace saves it, plays it!

Mantra Space

immerse in your personal holy chants user selects or creates one or more sacred phrases to form Mantra Spaces, with layers including faces, fonts, imagery, and melodies. Mantra Space saves it, plays It!

Prayer Space

immerse in spiritual thoughts user selects saved Affirmations spaces or Mantra Spaces to combine, or creates a new Prayer Space from thoughts or phrases. Add dimensions of Imagery, text, and chant. Prayer Space plays it!

Lyric Space

immerse in musical or poetic interplay User selects one or more song phrases or poems to weave into a personal mix - or lyric ode. Add dimensions of Imagery, text, and chant. Lyric Space plays it. weave: with Prayer Space. Conversation Space immerse in language confidence structured conversations include users' spoken responses.

Interplay Space

accelerated speech training. Application specific vocabularies including English phonetics are available and content can be combined into Interplay Space accelerated language learning spaces.