The key technology is a Conversation Engine that elicits user’s active speech responses. In responding, the user is seeing, hearing, saying and reading the phrases all at once. Dialogs are formed based on the user’s replies, creating unique conversations. As the recorded content continues, the app rehearses the user’s speech experience. We can select a person, content, and setting. Phrases are stored and accessed from a library of phrases. Part of this system is a search engine that finds spoken phrases matching various criteria. The phrases are cross referenced to a communication matrix, which is cross referenced to a personality matrix. We can readily apply these tags to any spoken phrases. Eventually, users can record their own phrases to create and share their conversation spaces.

In the app, synchronize your voice, lips and tongue to the rhythmic language of the models. A mirror or videocam display can help you to match the models’ mouth movements. You can achieve consistent and accurate American English pronunciation.

Phrases of all types are spoken by models provide reference points for practicing American English.

A powerful phrase search function enables you to find, view, and rehearse phrases from speech phrase video libraries.

Express Yourself

A spoken conversation is how language expresses us, conveys our meaning, which includes conveying of emotion through the voice. The sound and emotion of speaking adds dimension to the meaning of words. The art of Speech is a technique that includes opening and moving the mouth and tongue and lips. It includes breathing and intonation. So we are going to stay focused on the face because it conveys a lot of information about the meaning and the phonetics.

Affirmative Speech

The phrases are intended to affirm personal power of the user, and be useful in communicating in social settings. Location options include the beach, a forest, a nightclub, and other fun locations that appeal to young people looking for a way to connect with one another.

How voices should sound: Sincere, Natural, Assertive, Sympathetic, Sensual, Seductive, Cheerful, Friendly, Reassuring.

Meaning Notes

We can say and hear what we can imagine and share it with others. We should determine which conversations we want to have to have, with ourselves, and with one another. It can be a poem, a prayer, or a lyric. Phrases can be grouped into intentions, such as ‘ways to say yes.’ You can select the visual content to match the language concept and tone.