Software development based on language research since 1985


Our 1985 release of Chatterbox, the Voice Reading Ability Drill tm, marked the first commercial application anywhere of voice I/O to education, on the Apple platform and internal voice hardware. Our market in those days were the early adopters of new technology, educators of exceptional children. In that system, young children were prompted with phrases to repeat. Phonetic vowel visual combined stimuli with voice. Meaningful images associated with syllables taught as seeds for decoding and comprehension. Designed by Master educator and reading teachers in cooperation with several teaching colleges. In the same year we released VoiceMath, and CASPT, Computer Aided Speech and Pronunciation Training. Because hundreds of classrooms and demonstration labs have used our systems, we know they work well. We are confident that the various content we have developed are the right ones to create a new speech interaction market. Click on the logo to see a bit of the Chatterbox video archive.


Hummingbird Voice Synch Music CDs and web library.

The Hummingbird Speech Method continues to be a significant player in the English training market in Japan and the US. Hummingbird teaches production of Global Standard English phonetics, using mouth position icons, tongue placement and musical accompaniment. Videos provide rhythmic presentation of English sounds, words, and phrases. Hummingbird’s Mouth Movement with music format also improves voice quality, fluency, and conversational English. This voice-synch experience powers a market for videotapes, audiotapes, and books; AAT distributes and franchises the method to schools in Japan.

Content is ready for video and DVD mastering, broadcast, and Web distribution. Voice Learning Systems has license to this unique way of using video to teach spoken English, which is protected by U.S. Patent No. 5,286,205.

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Our company, Voice Learning Systems was founded in 1985 by Sidney Sheres who is still the CEO.
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